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Farnsfield Firewood sells high quality seasoned firewood, all year round. We pride ourselves on going that extra mile to meet our customers demands. Burn brighter with us!
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We only maintain and stock quality controlled hardwood of which we recommend all of our customers to use.
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Seasoned hardwood vs softwood

There is still a lot of softwood firewood sold in the UK, whilst in recent years there has been a move towards hardwood, there may now be a move back to more softwood as prices for hardwood timber rise at an alarming rate as power stations and large biomass industries purchase previously undesirable hardwood woodland for use as power plant fuel etc. Hence driving price up dramatically at source due to such increased demand

Burning Hardwoods

Hardwood fundamentally comes from trees that lose their leaves in the winter, so trees such as Oak, Ash, Beech etc. They are slow growing (80-100 yrs to maturity) and therefore provide a dense timber.

Hardwoods are often considered to be a superior firewood because the wood is very dense.  The dense wood creates a hot, long lasting fire without too much smoke or sparks. The wood also creates hot coals which give out radiant heat for a long period of time.

Burning Softwoods

Softwood grows much faster maturing in 25-30 years and the timber is therefore less dense. Trees include Pine, Larch, Spruce and Douglas Fir etc.

There are some people that say you shouldn't use softwood either because it burns too fast, produces too much resin in the chimney or smokes too much.
In summary softwood is great for burning, but has to be dried properly to below 20% moisture content, like all fuels - if the wood isn't dried enough, it will smoke. Being less dense than hardwood, you need more logs for the same weight, or energy output.
One of the biggest advantages of softwood, is that it dries very quickly and probably takes half the time to dry and it's also great for kindling. Much of the kindling sold today is softwood for this reason and the other benefit is that it gets the stove up to temperature very quickly which helps stove performance, increases 'draw' and reduces smoke.