Where does your wood come from?

Our wood comes from both local tree surgeons and sustainable forestry commission approved sources. We utilise and process every single bit of timber we have.

Cutting down trees for firewood, surely that is bad for the environment?

Absolutely not, firewood is a sustainable, natural and renewable resource. Most of our timber which is processed into firewood has been removed from woodlands as a thinning process. This means the weaker and smaller trees are removed in order to help the larger and stronger trees develop.

Why Hardwood?

Hardwood is extremely dense, it burns slowly with a steady output. Softwood has low density and burns fast, therefore around twice as much softwood is needed to produce the same amount of heat as hardwood.

Why do you not sell by weight?

Selling by weight is the wrong way to sell firewood as the heavier the wood the more moisture there is. An unseasoned load of firewood could weigh 1.6 tonnes, if it were seasoned the weight would be more around the 1.2 tonnes. Selling by volume such as per builders bag (900x900), gives our customers a clear and honest description of how much firewood they're really going to get.

How do you know it's seasoned?

All of our firewood is checked with a moisture metre before it leaves our facility for delivery, 15-25% moisture content is the ideal moisture bracket for properly seasoned wood (this is the same moisture content as 'kiln dried wood').

Why is your wood not 'Kiln dried'?

Although Kiln drying is a very effective method of seasoning firewood, the end product is still exactly the same as our product, a log which has a moisture content between 15-25%. Kiln drying is a method predominantly used by larger firewood companies who need to speed up the process of seasoning their wood.

How big are your logs?

Our standard size log is 9 inches (22.86cm's). This is the standard and ideal size for most private and commercial stoves in use.

How long does it take to deliver, how do you deliver and in what conditions?

We endeavour to deliver within 24 hours but can guarantee delivery within 48 hours. We tip the bags or slide them off where there is a safe and soft area on your driveway. We deliver in all but the most extreme conditions, making sure you keep warm during most bitter parts of the winter is our priority.

Where should I store them?

We highly advice you store them in a Log store, these are widely available on the internet. If not, keep them covered from the rain and make sure they are stored in an area where plenty of air is circulating to keep them fresh and well seasoned.